The Woodlands

Tagaytay Highlands Located on the ridge fronting the Golf Clubhouse, The Woodlands occupy 40 hectares of dramatically rolling terrain that offers panoramic views of The Country Club complex, Tagaytay Highlands’ breathtaking golf course, and the scenic countryside.

Value Proposition

With a cool, mountain-top atmosphere and more than 40,000 pine trees in the property, The Woodlands is a wonderland of authentic North American log cabins complete with a rustic feel. The well-designed and ergonomically laid out homes feature Western red cedar logs—a sturdy hardwood from the highlands of Canada and the Northwestern United States that emits a refreshing clean mountain scent.

Features and Amenities

  • A community of authentic North American log cabins
  • Occupies some 40 hectares of dramatically rolling terrain
  • Two types of cabins available: single-family units and multi-family residential units
  • Single-family units are composed of four-bedroom luxury models approx. 240 sqm. and three-bedroom classic
    units approx. 350 sqm. of living space
  • Multi-family three-storey residential units house four independent, self-contained residences consisting of two
    one-bedroom units approx. 120 sqm. and two two-bedroom units approx. 165 sqm.
  • Surrounded by more than 40,000 pine trees
  • Each cabin sports a rustic, hunting lodge look
  • Distinctive rustic feel from knife-finished logs
  • Well-designed, ergonomically laid out units
  • Boasts a host of modern conveniences and features, typically found in modern American homes
  • Maintenance-free roofs
  • Wipe-and-shine hardwood floors
  • Imported pre-fabricated kitchen systems
  • Remote control-operated airconditioning units
  • Water heaters
  • Entrance and carport lights
  • 100% emergency power supply
  • Abundant water supply
  • In-house landscaping
  • Full housekeeping services
  • Security services